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What is Reflexology?


Reflexology Chart

Reflexology is a complementary, biological, integrative health service through which an exercise pressure is applied to reflex areas, formed by 7200 nerve endings in each hand and each foot, encouraging improved instruction to each and every gland, organ and part of the body, thus persuading the body to biologically correct, strengthen and reinforce itself. 


Reflexology is not a belief but a highly specialized, body of knowledge, complementary health practice, without any contraindications. This is a safe, effective, reliable process, a no risk persuasive therapy, not an invasive therapy. A four step program which will:


1. Stop further deterioration

2. Persuade the body to biologically correct itself.

3. Strengthen and reinforce all systems in the body.

4. Encourage reflexology maintenance program (good health).


The goals are to achieve specific, highly specialized relaxation, in effect to improve nerve, blood and lymphatic supply. The focus is to re-educate, re-patter and re-condition nerve instruction via the reflex, neural/electrical system of the body, thus persuading the body to biologically self-correct. [The nerves instruct the body, so essentially the concept of reflexology is, when the nerves that instruct the body improve. the instruction has to improve... so the body has to improve] The body is super, highly intelligent and does have a remarkable, reliable, built-in, self-correcting system, which supports reflexology as a health field that is grounded in the common sense.


Reflexology is a master body of knowledge onto itself. It is not even remotely fielded with massage therapy. A reflexologist never prescribes or diagnoses, but provides their services in addition to a medical practitioner. A reflexology session is to be exclusive to reflexology not incorporated during a reflexology session with any other professional practice. Reflexology is a persuasive therapy, not an invasive therapy, so there can be no contraindications.

Small Reflexology Chart
Victoria Cooper
Master Reflexologist
Master Reflexologist

Our Master Reflexologist has been certified under the Reflexology Certification Board (RCB). Our Apprentice Reflexologist is studying under Victoria and the RCB.



DeAnna Hunter
Apprentice Reflexologist

Whole Body Reflexology

by Victoria

1st Session- $60.00

(est. 75 mins) 

Return Sessions - $50.00 (est. 1 hr)

Foot Reflexology

by DeAnna

1st Session- $45.00

(est. 45 mins) 

Return Sessions - $35.00 (est. 35 mins)

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