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Events & Workshops

Little Rock Natural Remedies values the importance of sharing the knowledge of whole body healing. Join us for for events and workshops to learn more about natural healing.

Educational Sessions

Educational Classes

Little Rock Natural Remedies offers free educational classes.

Little Rock Natural Remedies Holds FREE Classes every Thursday at 6 pm. The class schedule for May is as follows:

May 2nd – We have guest speaker Michael Kramarczyk from HCP speaking on Systemic Enzymes. Sticky blood? Time to learn about treating it naturally.

May 9th – Healthy Coffee Alternatives – Are you trying to quit the caffeine? Or looking for a drink that’s not so acidic? This class is for you!

May 11th – Tea for the Summer! Check out the benefits of Peppermint, Hibiscus, Red Raspberry, and Earl Gray. (This class is at 10am on a Saturday)

May 16th – Rich from Sugarmakers Apiary will be teaching Honey 201!  I love his classes!

May 23rd – Having trouble falling asleep? Or staying asleep? Join us for this Sleep Issues Class.

May 30th - Not sure why your cholesterol levels are out of whack? Join us for Understanding Cholesterol.

Classes are held at our store located at 16821 Dunnings Highway, Duncansville. No purchase necessary.  But if you decide to make a purchase after class, we will give you a 10% discount! If possible, please call and sign up in advance. 814-695-0624

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