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Our Story

Staff of Little Rock Natural Remedies

Littlerock's Herbs, previously owned by Audrey Pepple, has been sold to mother and daughter team Lori Bagley and Victoria Cooper, in March of 2015. The supplement/herb store has been re-branded Little Rock Natural Remedies specializing in vitamins and mineral supplements, herbal supplements, health and beauty products, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, and herbal teas. Little Rock Natural Remedies also offers naturopathic health consultations, reflexology, muscle/nutrition response testing, ionic foot bath detoxes, and aromatherapy sessions.            


Lori comes from a bookkeeping background.  She came to Audrey Pepple after an automobile accident in 2000, and has been using the natural products ever since. She began working part time at Littlerock in 2013, later receiving a certification in AromaTouch Technique. Her strong business background aided in the decision to purchase Little Rock.               


Victoria is a Master Reflexologist, Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Health Counselor, and studied Naturopathy at Trinity School of Natural Health. After suffering from severe "chronic" pneumonia as a child, her parents turned to natural medicine to help relieve her illness. Victoria states "After I started using natural products, I have never gotten sick the way I did when I was younger. I knew I had discovered something amazing!" After a 12-month tour in Afghanistan as a Chaplain's Assistant, she began working at Littlerocks Herbs. 

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