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Holistic Emotional Health Consultation


At Little Rock we believe in the healing power of nature for emotional health. We understand that life is hard at times and you may not be sure what direction to take. We look at the whole person: mind, body, and spirit to support your emotional health. Our consultation may include a Bach Flower analysis, aromatherapy with essential oils, supplementation and peer to peer counseling. You will meet with our Holistic Practitioner to learn how to optimize your emotional health.

Our Holistic Practitioner on staff is Victoria Cooper. She studied at Trinity School of Natural Health and has a diploma in Naturopathy. She was in the military as a Chaplain's Assistant and deployed to Afghanistan in 2012. Victoria helped her soldiers through all kinds of problems including family and marital issues, ethics and moral issues and depression, anxiety and suicidal issues. Victoria is currently enrolled at Penn State University working on her bachelors degree in psychology.

Naturopathic Remedies


(est. 60 mins)

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